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Auto 25

Auto 25

  • Replaceable fuse design
  • 4 USB ports
  • Total output current :5.1A
  • Ultra small size
  • Friendly LED Indicator
  • Max Protection: OCP , OVP, SCP, OTP
    • Auto 25
    • Auto 25
    • Auto 25
    • Auto 25
    • Auto 25


    Frequently traveling with friends by cars? Feel boring when jammed on the road during holidays? Crammed in limited space of car with nothing to do? Bored by monotonous scenes? Frustrated by game players out of battery power? You must feel better if you can play games without worrying battery life. Clumsy USB hubs are added to give more ports at the expense of reduced space. Here comes the Amacrox Auto 25 car charger for shared USB device charging.
    ●Three 1 amp and one 2.1 amps independent output ports. A total of 5.1 amps output, 3.1 amps more than most market available lighter with quadruple charging ports, let you charge any USB device concurrently.

    ●The 2.1 amps output can fast charge your iPad in half the time normally needed. It takes 3 hours to fully charge an iPad by grid power. The Auto 25 takes 3.3 hours to charge your iPad to its full capacity (see table below for benchmarking Auto 25 with products of other brands). Further, the Auto 25 takes a mere 45 minutes to reach capacity up to 65% level.

    ●Industry exclusive fuse replacement design. Replace fuse of device in just 3 easy steps (see illustration below). As you don't need to buy another car charger you can save a lot. In addition, you have saved energy and reduced carbon emission when the life span of your products is extended.
    ●With footprint similar to a credit card your Auto 25 is easy to carry and handle. Plug it in your car 12V lighter and use it immediately. Special dart shape maintains product life span at less risk of damaging by falling to ground.
    ●Features Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Thermal Protection, and Short Current Protection for comprehensive 3C device protection and free from any safety concern.
    ●Two years warranty. After services are provided, by the dealer/retailer where your product were purchased, in case of any mal-functioning caused by defects in design, material, and workmanship during the warranty period. To ensure consumer safety a whole new car charger will be provided for replacement.
    With quadruple USB ports, the Auto 25 provides power to digital devices and extends entertainment time. Your driving pleasure is limitless no matter where you are.


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    1. Replaceable fuse design prolongs products' life span!.
    2. 4 USB ports can charge 4 devices simultaneously.
    3. True 5.1A (2.1A * 1+1A * 4) output for iPhone, iPad, MP3, GPS,PSP, Bluetooth headset, and other devices. 2.1 A current output ideal for tablet PCs.
    4. Friendly LED Indicator for power usage.
    5. Ultra small size which is smaller than a credit card.
    6. Max Protection: OCP , OVP, SCP, OTP

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    Product Specification
    Model Auto 25
    Output Power (Continuous) 25W
    DC Output Voltage DC 12V
    DC Output Current DC 5V/5.1A
    Dimension(L x W x H) mm 106*20*30
    Warranty 2

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