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Company Brief :

Established in Germany on November 5, 2003. Our aim is to leverage the best talent and infrastructure around the world to cost effectively and deliver the high value added products to our customers.

To that end, we have established our R&D division and manufacturing center in Shanghai to develop and produce innovative products; furthermore, we have built a design facility and procurement center in Taiwan to ensure that we stay aligned with the latest technologies and ideas.

Focusing on innovative designs and effective sales strategies, AmacroX’s product lines include computer peripherals and consumer electronics, all meticulously created to enhance the consumer’s lifestyle. AmacroX aims to continually surprise end users with its innovative creativity for a very reasonable and divers price range.


Mission & Vision :

At AmacroX, our mission is to deliver a multifaceted lifestyle driven by technology. By doing so, we aim to increase the consumer’s capability and sense of discernment in “Class”, “Design” and “Innovation”.


With AmacroX’s products, consumers are taken on a journey of self-discovery and innovation to establish their own modern technology-enabled lifestyle. With the concept of DIY lifestyle, AmacroX enables consumers to draw on their innate creative instincts to leverage the available technology, and design their own brand of products and services that meet their specific needs.

To that end, AmacroX is not merely a product brand but a vehicle that stretches the imagination and drives the proliferation of innovation complemented by practicality.

The spirit of the brand :

A macro-view , inspiring you

Today, technology and networks are synonymous with a modern lifestyle all around the Globe. Being very much a part of this technology-driven world, we should ‘stay tuned’ and cultivate a keen sense of discernment towards technology products.

Technology should not only provide us with the basic necessities of life but also enable us to make our own choices about our technological lifestyle. In the course of enjoying the benefits and conveniences that technology brings us, we should also be provided with an arena to demonstrate our innate creativity and potential talent. That is just the mission of AmacroX.


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